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17-28 Oct 2017 (12 days) Langmusi- Juizhaigou
Rm5580 (per pax group of 10), Rm5550 (12 pax), Rm5530 (16 pax and above)

(Note : Based on Remimbi Yuan 1 = RM0.65. We will make final adjustment on the cost based on the Yuan exchange rate in Aug-Sep 2017)

Update 5 Oct 2017 - JZG is now closed due to the Sep earthquake. The other places including Huanglong is still open. We have replaced JZG with Mouniguo. More info on www.topchinatravel.com/china-attractions/muni-valley.htm.
Update 8 July 2017 - Traveling schedule revised and update the flight as below. Please confirm rachelheng123@gmail.com if you confirm to join.
Update 8 Jun 2017 - Trip is ON and shall update flight schedule soon. Please email rachelheng123@gmail.com if you keen to join.
Update 1 DEC 2016-. Autumn is the Super peak season for Jiuzhaigou and therefore please register asap to secure the flight seat if you keen to join. Trip cost above, based on air fare Rm1500 using China Airlines, will be adjusted higher or lower depending on the final fare. Flight schedule is based on 2016 and will adjust once have flight schedule. We received very good responses for since 2009. As such, please register early to secure your seat. Contact rachelheng123@gmail.com or call 012 3520868 for registration.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is meant to be a "free and easy" adventure trip. Participants should be relatively fit, with a good sense of humor, and above all, have the right attitude for close travel with others through possibly some trying times. Most definitely, this is not a trip for prudes, whiners, fuss-pots, and other similarly assorted types! We had a couple of those before and it wasn't pleasant for us or them. Although every effort will be made to stick to the given itinerary, ground conditions may change and cause some disruption and/or deviation from the norm. Otherwise, have fun.

Jiuzhaigou stunning View (3rd photo by Kit Chan)

Juizhaigou, translated Nine Stockade Valley, is one of the top China destinations, especially in the super peak months of October. We also visit the equally popular Huanglong. We enter from the north, traveling along good roads that passes beautiful Tibetan villages and rolling hills.  We overnight in Tibetan town/village of Xiahe, Langmusi and Ruoergai. We spend a full day in Juizhaiguo when gates open till gate closes, using the inner walking trails, away from the expected huge crowds. We "tapau" our lunch and spend as much time as possible, seeing as much as possible.  

Day 0 KLIA: Assemble in KLIA by 1130 PM 16 OCT 2017.

Day 1 KLIA-Shanghai to Lanzhou: Assemble at KLIA for morning flight MU9862 at 0210AM TUE 17 Oct to Pudong (Shanghai) reaching 0740AM. Then connect MU9579 at 1230PM to Lanzhou, arriving 1725PM. Free & Easy. Overnight (ON) Lanzhou.

Day 2 Lanzhou/Xiahe (260km 5hrs) We start the day early to enjoy the scenic drive to Xiahe on part of the Qinghai Plateau. This less-frequented route is dotted with quaint and pretty Muslim Hui and Tibetan farms and villages. The rolling high altitude grasslands with flocks of yaks and sheeps are especially pretty. We will visit Labrang Tibetan Monastery that is reputed to be more Tibetan than Tibet itself. We'll have adequate time just walking around and taking in the atmosphere.ON Xiahe.

Day 3 Xiahe/Langmusi (230km 5hrs): On the drive to Langmusi, we visit the Milariba Buddhist Pavilion at Hezuo County. Langmusi is in the border of Gansu/Sichuan province. There are two tibetan monasteries, one is called Sezhi monastery in Sichuan Province and another one is called Geerdeng Monastery in Gansu Province. Local simply call them Sichuan Monastery and Gansu Monastery. Both are majestic temples with red walls and golden roofs built on the high slopes, overlooking hundreds of white-painted monks' houses. ON Langmusi.



Langmusi (Photo by Kit Chan)

Day 4 Langmusi: We have a full day visiting the two Tibetan monasteries, and wander about the pretty villages. There are numerous trekking possibilities and we have the services of local Tibetans to take the group around this very untouristic area of Gansu. O/N Langmusi.

Day 5 Langmusi/Ruoergai (160km 6hr) : After breakfast, we drive to visit the First Bend of the Yellow River. The 80 km road from Langmusi to this First Bend is in poor condition and takes about 3 hrs of hard driving. From here it is another 4 hrs to Zoige. ON Zoige (Ruoergai).

Day 6 Ruoergai/Songpan (192km 3hr): We drive to Songpan, we will pass the grassland where the Red Army walked through there for Long March, after lunch, we will visit the Ancient Songpan town and take a walk in the city. O/N Songpan


1st Bend of Huanghe river & Huanglong (photo by Kit Chan)

Day 7 Huanglong(100km 3hr): We bus 3hr to Huanglong, translated Yellow Dragon, another beautiful park studded with waterfalls and travertine ponds of blue, yellow, white and green. The top temple is 7.5 km from the entrance and has the most beautiful pools. Cable cars are available for visitors to get quickly to the top. ON Jiuzhaigou (Zhachang town)

Day 8 Jiuzhaigou : We have a full day to explore and appreciate one of China's most beautiful national parks. We visit the numerous lakes. The park is a huge area of gorgeous alpine valley studded with dazzling turquoise lakes and surrounded by snowy peaks. Shuttle bus services take visitors around but many choose to walk/trek along the walkways and paths running alongside the rivers. There are basically two routes covering Juizhaigou and we will do certain selective scenic spot. Overnight Juizhaigou.


Tibetan/Hui People along the journey (photo by Kit Chan)

Day 9 Back Chengdu : We bus to Chengdu after breakfast. It is a long drive taking approximately 6-7 hours. O/N Chengdu.

Day 10 Chengdu : Today free & easy. Group can do final shopping before home. No Chartered bus, group can opt for public transport which is quite convinience. O/N Chengdu.

Day 11 Fly Home: We will off to airport after breakfast to catch up noon flight MU293 at 1340PM, reaching Pudong 1635PM. Then connect flight MU9861 at 1925PM back to Kuala lumpur. O/N Plane

Day 12 Home: We reach KLIA 0110AM early morning (28 Oct 2017)



  1. Cost cover airfares on airfare, accommodation and transport, breakfast except Langmusi, Songpan & Jiuzhaigou
  2. Accommodations will be in 2-3 stars hotel.
  3. Not covered are visa fees (Rm78), airport taxes & fuel surcharges (Rm800), meals (Rm50 x 10 days = Rm500) and entrance fees (approximately Rm500). Note that entrance fees are substantial in China, some which are mentioned in the itinerary above.
  4. Note we do not collect up front compulsory tips nor do we bring our groups for "compulsory" shopping stops. Members will decide the tips based on their satisfaction of the guide services.
  5. Cost is subject to change depending on fluctuations in exchange rates and/or airfares.
  6. A deposit of Rm1010 will be payable to confirm your place.

Email rachelheng123@gmail.com or yongo123@gmail.com
Phone Rachel 012-352 0868
Phone Lee Min: 016-220 9033 or 603-40316225
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