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Trip Cost Per Person RM11,600 (min 12 PAX, max 16PAX)
Based on 1 USD = RM4.71, 1 USD = Iranian Rial 42,000 on 21 JUNE 2024

08 JAN 25 SAT KUL SYZ 0250 1255 RM1727 (PRICED ON 21 JUNE 2024)
22 JAN 25 SAT IKA KUL 1130 0155 RM1203 (



IMPORTANT NOTICE. This is meant to be a "free and easy" budget trip. Participants should be relatively fit, with a good sense of humour, and above all, have the right attitude for close travel with others through possibly some trying times. Most definitely, this is not a trip for prudes, whiners, fuss-pots, and other similiarly assorted types! Although every effort will be made to stick to the given itinerary, ground conditions may change and cause some disruption and/or deviation from the norm. Otherwise, have fun! 

Iran captivates with its diverse beauty: SHIRAZ enchants with its poetic gardens and historical splendor; PERSEPOLIS stands majestic, echoing ancient glory; KERMAN boasts desert vistas and rich cultural heritage; YADZ wind towers and labyrinthine alleys offer a glimpse into traditional Persian life; ISFAHAN dazzles with its stunning Islamic architecture and famed bridges; DIZIN beckons with snowy peaks, a paradise for skiers; KASHAN entices with its oasis charm and exquisite Persian gardens. Each destination, steeped in history and culture, paints a tapestry of Iran's timeless allure and captivating landscapes.

Iran - Is it Safe? Surprisingly this question will never pop up again when you arrive to this peaceful country filled with many friendly and curious people. Be amazed by its majestic architecture built by great sultans hundreds years ago, bazaars filled with colourful produce and wonderful smells, and witness the changes in the environment as we travel through the central regions.

DAY 1 KUL-SHIRAZ Gather KLIA T1 1150PM 07 JAN 2025 for our flight KUL-SYZ departing 0250 08 JAN 2025. Arrive Iran-Shiraz at 1255PM. Meet and great by tourist guide at Airport. Transfer to Hotel and check in. In the poetic city of Shiraz, let the fragrance of blooming flowers embrace your senses as you stroll through the peaceful Persian gardens. Visit the tomb of the great Persian poet, Hafez, and feel the echoes of his immortal verses in the air. Overnight Shiraz (B)
DAY 2 SHIRAZ-PERSEPOLIS-SHIRAZ Start our day and we will visit Persepolis, (60KM) the magnificent ancient city that once served as the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire 518-330 BCE. Marvel at the grandeur of its colossal stone columns and intricate reliefs, offering a glimpse into the opulence of a bygone era. Our expert tour guides will regale you with tales of ancient kings and the rise and fall of empires. After lunch we will visit Necropolis. Free and easy evening.Overnight Shiraz (B)
DAY 3 SHIRAZ After breakfast, we will discover the mesmerizing Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, known as the "Pink Mosque," with its breathtaking stained glass windows that create kaleidoscope of colors. Explore the Vakil Bazaar, a historic market with a variety of shops and food stalls and Arge Karim Khan.Overnight Shiraz (B)
DAY 4 SHIRAZ-KERMAN We will Check out and drive to Kerman (570Km). Visiting Sarvestan Palace on the way. This palace is an important example of early Islamic architecture, showcasing a blend of architectural styles and innovations.Overnight Kerman (B)
DAY 5 KERMAN Kerman has been an important center for trade and commerce due to its strategic location along the Silk Road route. It is famous for producing high-quality carpets, pistachios, and traditional handicrafts. The province is also renowned for its historical monuments, including the Ganjali Khan Complex, the Jameh Mosque of Kerman etc. Kerman is a city that combines a rich historical heritage with natural beauty. It offers a glimpse into the ancient civilization of Iran and provides a unique cultural experience for visitors We will start our day by visiting the Ganjali Khan Complex, a prominent historical site in Kerman's city center. This complex was built during the Safavid era and includes a bazaar, a bathhouse, a mosque, and a caravanserai. Explore the bustling bazaar that offers a wide range of goods and traditional handicrafts. Overnight Kerman (B)

DAY 6 KERMAN-KALOUT-KERMAN Starting your day by visiting the Shazdeh garden, a magnificent oasis of green trees and bushes right in the heart of the desert. Later drive to the Lut desert (139 Km) in the east of Kerman. The amazing structures of fantasy city Kalouts have been created over the centuries by the movements of the wind in the soft sands of the desert.Overnight Kerman (B)
DAY 7 KERMAN-YADZ We will check out and Drive to Yazd (360Km) with stop in Saryazd village to visit remarkable historical fortress of Saryazd.Overnight Yadz (B)
DAY 8 YADZ We will start our day with Visiting the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a sacred sanctuary that has stood for centuries. Witness the eternal flame, which has been burning for over a thousand years and symbolizes the purity and divine presence revered by Zoroastrians. Just outside Yazd, discover the enigmatic Towers of Silence, an ancient burial site used by Zoroastrians. Step into the labyrinthine alleyways of Yazd, where time seems to stand still. Here, you will find an architectural marvel, where the use of earthy tones and traditional techniques has given birth to a unique skyline adorned with wind towers, domes, and minarets. In the historic city of Yazd, time-honored traditions, architectural wonders, and a rich cultural tapestry converge to create an unforgettable experience. Discover the legacy of the past that lives on in every alleyway, and let the spirit of Yazd captivate your heart. Admire the intricate tile work of the Jameh Mosque and experience the warm hospitality of the locals.Overnight Yadz (B)
DAY 9 YADZ-ESFAHAN Drive to Esfahan (340 km). After lunch visit the Vank Cathedral, a historic Armenian church with beautiful frescoes and paintings and Explore the Armenian quarter of Jolfa.Overnight Esfahan (B)
DAY 10 ESFAHAN Esfahan, the gem of Iran, awaits with its exquisite turquoise-tiled mosques, majestic bridges, and majestic square. Be dazzled by the intricate craftsmanship of the Imam Mosque, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and witness the mesmerizing play of light and shadow in the historic Naqsh-e Jahan Square. This city is a living testament to the grandeur of Persian architecture. Lose yourself in the largest Art and Artisans Bazaar in Iran, where you can indulge in Persian carpets, exquisite handicrafts, and fascinating miniature paintings. Visit the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest public squares in the world. Explore the Imam Mosque and the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, A stunning examples of Persian Islamic architecture. Visit the Ali Qapu Palace, a former royal residence. Later visiting Chehelsoton palace another former royal residences.Overnight Esfahan (B)
DAY 11 ESFAHAN-KASHAN Leaving magnificent Esfahan behind and drive to Kashan (212 Km) via Abyaneh village. A picturesque village, known for its unique red mud-brick houses and scenic mountain surroundings. Visiting Kashan city, renowned for its historic houses and the historic Persian garden. Explore the exquisite architecture of the Tabatabaei and Borujerdi houses, showcasing the mastery of Persian design and craftsmanship.Overnight Kashan (B)

DAY 12 KASHAN-DIZIN After checking out of your hotel we will visit Fin Garden. A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most famous Persian gardens. Being designed as a year-round recreational place for Shah Abbas, the garden is still an example of perfectly planned and equipped space for an enjoyable pastime. Let the tranquil atmosphere transport you to a world of serenity.We will hit the road to Dizin resort. (318 Km).Overnight Dizin (B)
DAY 13 DIZIN-TEHRAN It’s absolutely mind-baffling that Iran, that is home to the hottest places on earth in it’s deserts, has almost a dozen of amazing ski resorts. Dizin resort will give us the opportunity to skiing on the slopes of the Alborz mountains. Late afternoon drive to Tehran (70Km).Overnight Tehran (B)
DAY 14 TEHRAN Visiting Niyavaran Palace and Tajrish Bazaar, would offer a blend of history, culture, and shopping. Niyavaran Palace complex, once a royal residence, provides insights into Iran's modern history and architecture. We will have lunch in Darband a beloved destination for those looking to experience the natural beauty and cultural richness of northern Tehran. Tajrish Bazaar, on the other hand, is a vibrant marketplace where you can immerse yourself in Tehran's bustling atmosphere.Overnight Tehran (B)
DAY 15 TEHRAN-KUL Tehran, a vibrant metropolis that seamlessly combines tradition and modernity. Explore the Dafineh museum, providing insight into Iran’s cultural and artistic heritage. This campus includes 3 museums: World Art and Islamic Art, Antique Gems and Jewelry and Iran Money. Transfer to Airport and flight back home at 15:45 with all the memories of Magical Iran!


  1. Cost cover accommodation with breakfast, entrance fees to sites mentioned above, chartered transport to sites mentioned above and English speaking tourist guide.
  2. Cost does not include flights, travel insurance, lunches & dinners (budget Rm100 x 15 days = Rm1500), and Local Guide & Driver Tips. (Yongo will provide info on suggested tipping amount).
  3. Accommodations will be in doubles or twins 3/4* Hotels
  4. Cost is subject to change depending on fluctuations in exchange rates and adjustments will be made at time of full balance.
  5. A deposit of RM3600 will be payable to confirm your place

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