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25 Oct to 8 Nov 2017 (15-days) Central Iran - Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz & Esfahan
Trip Ground Cost Rm6,800 (per pax for group of 12 pax) & Rm6,500 (per pax for group over 14 to 18pax)
Based on USD1.00 = Rm4.50 Cost will be adjusted accordingly depending on rate in Sept 2017

Details for Air Asia Flight Bookings LCCT TEHRAN LCCT
Please check if trip is full or not, before purchasing flight tickets

Kuala Lumpur to Tehran (IKA)
25 Oct 2017 WED D7 776 KUL IKA 1905 2240
Tehran to Kuala Lumpur
8 Nov 2017 WED D7 777 IKA KUL 0005 1245

Update 11 July 2017 Trip is ON. Today AirAsia PROMO fares with 20% discount is Rm1209.80 plus Rm198 for 20kg check-in luggage both ways.
Update 30 May 2017 AirAsia PROMO fares as at TODAY is Rm1,419 flight plus taxes. Additional Rm198 for 20kg check-in luggage two ways. Late October is a pleasant month to visit Iran because of the cooler climate. It is also a high tourist season and we would like to confirm the group soon to secure the hotel rooms.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is meant to be a "free and easy" adventure trip. Participants should be relatively fit, with a good sense of humor, and above all, have the right attitude for close travel with others through possibly some trying times. Most definitely, this is not a trip for prudes, whiners, fussy-pots, and other similarly assorted types! We had a couple of those before and it wasn't pleasant for us or them. Although every effort will be made to stick to the given itinerary, ground conditions may change and cause some disruption and/or deviation from the norm. Otherwise, have fun !

Pretty Masouleh Village / Locals are friendly

Iran - Is it Safe? Surprisingly this question will never pop up again when you arrive to this peaceful country filled with many friendly and curious people. Be amazed by its majestic architecture built by great sultans hundreds years ago, bazaars filled with colourful produce and wonderful smells and witness the changes in the environment as our round journey began from cool Tehran towards the arid desert city of Yazd.

We stay in budget hotels and local gueshouses with breakfast provided. We will have chartered transport for most of our journey. As usual, you pay for your own meals, entrance fees, within-the-town taxis/trams and other activities, unless stated otherwise. A group fund of Rm500 is collected from each participant to pay for the high entrance fees. Excess will be returned and if insufficient, members will top up. IMPORTANT - ladies are required to cover their heads with scarves in compliance with local customs. Both men and women must be conservatively dressed - long pants and arms must be decently covered.

Day 1 Plane - Tehran: Assemble in KLIA2 by 4PM Wed 25 Oct 2017. We take AirAsia D7 776 7:05PM flight time 8hr arriving Tehran 22:40PM. Transfer to Tehran hotel for next 3 nights stay.

Day 2 Tehran: After breakfast, we begin our city tour around the capital city of Tehran. WIth a population of about 9million, this vibrant city balances its historic legacies with new modern developments. Today our tour concentrates on the southern side where one finds the UNESCO listed Golestan Palace and National Museum for quick introduction of Iran's long history. We next venture to the huge Grand Bazaar for lunch and to simply soak up the busy atmosphere - be prepared to get lost inside the huge bazaar! We finish the day at Milad Tower, the highest tower in Iran to get an overview of how vast Tehran city has grown. Overnight (O/N) Tehran

Day 3 Tehran: Our tour continues at the northern part of Tehran, which is considered more beautiful and dominated by the more affluent society. We will visit Sa'dabad and Niavaran Palace Complex to view the luxurious lifestyle of the previous sultans and leaders. We proceed to Tajrish Bazaar to sample the local delights and experience another atmospheric bazaar. We end the evening with a short walk up Darband, at the foothill of Alborz Mountain. This is a popular walking place for the locals and we will also enjoy our local dinner here. Return to hotel for our last night in Tehran. O/N Tehran

Golestan Azadi
Combination of Old & New at Tehran city / Golestan Palace and modern Azadi Tower

Day 4 Roodkhan Castle & Masouleh: We drive northwest towards Masouleh about 380km. Along the way, we stop by Roodkhan castle, which is a stone castle built at the top of 2 mountain peaks about 1,400 years ago. Be rewarded by wonderful views of the castle and the surrounding forest after the hour-long steep hike through a park and many, many steps. We finish the day with a short drive towards the picturesque stepped village of Masouleh for our night stay. O/N Masouleh

Day 5 Soltaniyeh Dome & Zamian: After breakfast, it is a scenic drive southwards towards Zanjan through mountainous terrain. After check-in, we visit Rakhatshor Khaneh, a subterranean hall with water channels originally built as a public laundry place. The jewel of Zanjan is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Soltaniyeh Dome, built as the mausoleum for the Mongol emir named Oljaytou constructed in 1302. O/N Zanjan

Day 6 Kashan: Our chartered transport brings us southeast 480km towards city of Kashan.This city is home to several historical houses such as Borujerdi and Tabatabatee built by rich merchants during 19th century. We will also visit the famous Fin Garden, one of the 9 Persian gardens under the UNESCO World Heritage listing. O/N Kashan

 Fin Tabatabee
Iranian staple bread / Beauty and tranquility at Kashan / Famous Fin Garden n Tabatabatee House

Day 7 Yazd: Today we drive southeast 400km towards the old desert trading city of Yazd. Along the way, we will stop by Jame Mosque at Naien, one of the oldest mosque in Iran dating back to 9th century. We will also stop by town of Meybod to visit some unique structures such as Narin Castle, one of the oldest mud-brick structures in Iran and pigeon tower. The environment becomes more barren & dry as we head down towards Yazd. O/N Yazd for next 2 nights

Day 8 Yazd: After breakfast, we walk around the twisting alleyways of Yazd old city to uncover various places of interests, including Alexander prison, Jam-e- Mosque, Water Museum, Amir Chakhmaq complex and local bazaar.  This trading desert city has adapted well to the dry and arid environment with its ingenious windcatchers and qanat (underground water channels). We also learn more about the Zoroastrians by visiting the Tower of Silence on the outskirts of Yazd and a Temple of Fire. During the evening, we visit Zourkhaneh or ancient Iranian gym sport for where athletes perform various movements to the rhythmn of live music. Stay 2nd night in Yazd.

Day 9 Shiraz :Today we drive about 440km southwest towards cultural city of Shiraz. Along the way, we will have a short stop at Abarkuh to visit the ancient cypress tree which is one of the oldest living tree in the world today at about 4,000 years old. Next we visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Pasargad. Here we will learn more about Cyrus the Great at his tomb. Proceed towards Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran for our next 3 nights stay.

Day 10 Shiraz to Margoon Waterfall: A change of scenery as we head about 130km northwest of Shiraz for a day trip to Margoon Waterfall. The waterfall is located within a protected area of 4,000 hectare with diverse flora and fauna. Short walk to enjoy one of the most unique waterfall found in the country. Return 3 hours back to Shiraz for 2nd night stay.

Modern n traditional headscarf / Colorful tiles decorating mosque mehrab

Day 11 Shiraz: We have an early start to visit the colourful Nasir-ol Mulk Mosque, or more famously known as the Pink Mosque. After that, we continue to visit other important sights such as Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil complex and Par Museum. Shiraz is famous for two important poets, and we will learn more about one of these great poets at Hafez Mausoleum. We also visit Eram Garden, which is also part of the group of Persian Gardens listed under UNESCO World Heritage sites. Stay 3rd night at Shiraz hotel

Day 12 Esfahan: After breakfast, we have a long drive northwards 480km towards Esfahan. Along the way, we stop at Persepolis, another UNESCO World Heritage site to learn about the ancient Achaemenian empire at the ruins & royal tombs of Persepolis. The Achaemenid capital was destroyed by Alexander the Great in 330BC, but we can still marvel at some of the remains still standing today and imagine how powerful the kingdom must have been. Check into hotel at Esfahan by late afternoon for our final 2 nights stay.

Day 13 Esfahan: Described in the past as “Esfahan is half the World", we will discover why during our full day tour by foot to the many architectural wonders. We start at UNESCO World Heritage sites of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its surrounding mosques and Ali Qapu Palace built by the great Shah Abbas during the 16th century. The other important site is Chehelsotoon Palace with its intricate frescoes displaying the splendour during Shah Abbas rule. Spend the afternoon exploring the local bazaar famous for quality handicrafts and souvenirs. In the evening, we visit the famous Esfahan bridges that have inspired our modern bridges at Putrajaya. O/N Esfahan

Day 14 Esfahan to Tehran Airport: For another view of Esfahan, we proceed south across the Zayande river to learn more about the Armenian Christians. Visit Vank Cathedral famous for its extensive mural paintings and its attached museum which houses rare artefacts, such as the smallest bible in the world.. Rest of afternoon free & easy for final shopping or exploration before our 400km drive north towards Imam Khomeini International Airport. We arrive at airport for our early morning flight next day

Day 15 Plane - Home: We take D7 777 departing 0005 midnight for KLIA2, landing at 1245PM 8 Nov 2017 WED

Khajoo Bazaar
Esfahan is pleasant city for strolling / enjoy historic bridges and colourful bazaar


  1. Cost cover accommodation with breakfast, chartered transport to sites mentioned above and English speaking tourist guide.
  2. Cost does not include return Air Asia flighs KUL-Tehran, other meals not stated above, entrance fees to places not covered and Local Guide Tips (Yongo encourages group members to reward good service and amount should commensurate with services rendered).
  3. Accommodations will be in doubles or twins with private bath/shared bath in budget hotels or guesthouse. Breakfasts will be provided at all accommodation places.
  4. Not covered are meals (Rm70 x 12 day = Rm840) and entrance fees which is quite high (Rm500). We will collect an entrance fees pool of RM500 as part of the trip costs. Members will be refunded for unused entrance fees or to top up if the entrance fees insufficient.
  5. Cost is subject to change depending on fluctuations in exchange rates and/or airfares. Ground costs calculated based on USD1.00 = MYR4.50
  6. A deposit of Rm1,300 will be payable to confirm your place.

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