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Hybrid Travel Backpacks

  1. Traveler's backpack features all-round zippers for easy access to contents. Bag opens up like a suitcase
  2. Side handles enables carrying like a suitcase. Sling straps on the sides enables bag to be carried on one shoulder like a sling-bag.
  3. Bags can be pad-locked, preferably with combination locks, shown above. Keys are sometimes lost or misplaced.
  4. Has good padded backpack straps for carrying on both shoulders with padded hip-belts. These straps can be stored or zipped up neatly at the back for easy airport handling and checking in.
  5. The small day-pack is usually detachable from the main pack.

Camping or Trekking Backpacks

  1. Camping Backpack features flap-down cover and access if from the top which means having to dig into the bag to get to the bottom contents.
  2. There's only one-way to carry comfortably i.e. both shoulder straps on both shoulers.
  3. Bags cannot be pad-locked presenting a security problem.
  4. Excellent padded backpack straps and hip-belts but are left dangling from the bag at all times.

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