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3 Dec 2019 Morocco 7 Feb 2020 is FULL. We now open Morocco 5 Oct 2020 for registration.
28 Nov 2019 Croatia Bosnia 7 May 2020 - We have updated website for confirmed Emirates Airlines flight timings and current Individual promo flight fares ending 13 Dec 2019. Only 2 more seats left !
13 Nov 2019 South Korea Busan Jeju Cherry Blossom Mar 2020 is ON now. Note update on flights KL Busan return and Busan Jeju one way.
22 Oct 2019 Pakistan Autumn Hunza Valley Oct 2020 is now open for registration. We are restarting trips to this region after stopping from 2016.
22 Oct 2019 Croatia Bosnia 7 May 2020 and Eastern Europe 22May 2020 are confirmed ON. Please register your interests for the final few spaces.
17 Oct 2019 Peru Bolivia 29 Sep 2020 left few more places. We open Peru Bolivia 8 Sep 2020 for registration.
19 Sep 2019 Croatia Bosnia 22 May 2020 - We have updated flight timings for group Emirates airlines flight tickets & trip costings.
17 Sep 2019 Peru Bolivia 3 Mar 2020 confirm ON. We have few more places available.
11 Sep 2019 Croatia Bosnia 22 May 2020 - Trip is FULL. Thank you for the quick response.
5 Sep 2019 Eastern Europe June 2020 - We have updated flight timings to reflect Thai Airways FIT tickets bought at MATTA promo rates.


  1. Please register your interest as early as possible by emailing us. Once we have the minimum numbers to run the trip we will proceed to collect deposits to firm up the trip.

  2. If the dates are not suitable please let us know. We will check with the rest to see if we can change.

  3. If you have your own group (does not have to be 10 pax. Even with 5 pax is a good number) we'll get more pax and can work on your preferred dates.