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Juizhaiguo Langmusi Trip Comments

Lanzhou was interesting as a point where the  Han and the  Hui cross- culture; and the sheep skin river crossing. Have forgotten most of the names of the stop over towns.Then as we journeyed towards JZG, the  Tibetan influence , the Tibetan temples, yaks herds  and the snow scenes were beautiful and all very new to me. An entirely different aspect  of China that was unexpected. and exciting. JZG itself is out of this world and we were lucky to go on a year when visitors was down to 3-4,000 a day compared to 40,000 a day. What a treat!! To be able to stand next to the lakes and absorb in the scene and just gawk at the wonderful beauty. No photos an d words can justify the experience. Then we get to know another of China major race the Zhang, see their cultural shows and  their villages. Huanglong is unique for it's size.. and colours. Compare to Pumukale in Turkey...there is no comparison. Then the 9 bands of the yellow river and the  flower lake were very unique. and  the plateau with yak herds, the  Hui dominating the commerce..all very new to me. So Molly, if you haven't been it is a trip not to missed. As I told my son Ben, should go this year before the crowd returns when the route fr Chengdu is re-established. Then you may come away with totally different experience,  as the Chinese crowd can to very off putting. The road via Lanzhou was very good. But then again, I like Yongo trip for the down to earth  on hands experience and the feeling that you are in touch with the locals. I am bias,,of course!! DR YAP CHIN FAH Juzhaiguo Langmusi Oct 2008 (6th Yongo Trip)

Wow!  Chin Fah’s notes brings back good memories of this trip with him, Ah John, Boon Hwang, Melody and gang. This was my 2nd trip to JZG and was so much better, without the lurching crowds and the leisurely pace we walked from pond to pond. But the locals also provided some extras for us – we had the opportunity to photograph a couple taking their wedding pics and another perhaps on a 2nd honeymoon; there was a couple of pretty photographers perhaps from HK that we managed to include in our photo collection. The drive to and from Lanzhou is equally captivating and so much more scenic than the drive from Chengdu to JZG.  We were on good quality but rather empty highways which wound gently over 4,000m and had frost in several areas.  The landscape was hardly bare but undulating and spotted with white sheep and black yaks.  Misty and whitish frost covered grasslands in the morning and then changing to blue skies with white fluffy clouds later in the day. Langmusi needs a special mention for the hills around the village, some are actually snow capped by end Oct with vegetation (pine trees and shrubs) much like the European Alps.  Our hike through a narrow pass to where we could view the snow capped mountains was very similar to the hikes I did in the Swiss Alps 15yrs ago (near Klosters Dorf, Zermatt and St Moritz). GOH SENG AUN Juizhaiguo Langmusi Oct 2008 (8th Yongo Trip)

Yes, the 2008 trip certainly brings back cherished memories of camadarie! Each place that we visited was stunning and unique, made all the more memorable by the company that we were with. My parents and bro will be joining the trip the JZG trip this Oct 2010 and I am happy that they are finally able to experience the sights and sounds that i enjoyed 2 years back. MELODY KHOR Juizhaiguo Langmusi Oct 2008 (Newbie)

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