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24 Oct - 9 Nov 2024 Thrilling Tunisia (15D14N) Sidi Bou Said, Kairouan, Touzeur, Matmata, El Jem, Hammamet and Tabarka.
Cost Rm7,000 per pax (16-pax group) based on USD1=Rm4.8360 (Maybank 30/4/24) excludes airfare.
Adjustment on cost will be based on the USD rate near trip date..

24/10/24 KULIST TK61 2305 0450 (25/10)
25/10/24 ISTTUN TK661 0810 0905 (25/10)
8/11/24 TUNIST TK662 1045 1540 (8/11)
8/11/24 ISTKUL 1710 0815 (9/11)

Online Turkish Airlines fare is Rm3776 on 30/4/24
TRIP HANDLER JACQUELINE CHAN 016 6410066 jacquelineplchan@gmail.com

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is meant to be a "free and easy" adventure trip. Participants should be relatively fit, with a good sense of humor, and above all, have the right attitude for close travel with others through possibly some trying times. Most definitely, this is not a trip for prudes, whiners, fuss-pots, and other similarly assorted types! We had a couple of those before and it wasn't pleasant for us or them. Although every effort will be made to stick to the given itinerary, ground conditions may change and cause some disruption and/or deviatioin from the norm.

Medna of Tozeur / Sahara Desert / Byzantine ruins Sufetula Sbeitla

Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa and it is the smallest country in North Africa by land area and is bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.
Travelling to Tunisia is a journey into a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. We use a chartered transport with a local Guide for the duration of the trip.

Day 1 KLIA Istanbul. Meet at KLIA by 8PM THU 24 OCT 2024 for flight KUL (2305PM) to Istanbul (10:45hr transit 3:20hr).

Day 2 Istanbul Tunis. Fly Istanbul Tunis (2:55hr) landing 905am. Our chartered van takes group to Tunis city for late lunch, then check in to hotel in Tunis . Rest and relax day. Overnight (ON) Tunis Breakfast included.

Day 3 Carthage Ruins, Bardo Museum & Sidi Bou Said. The ruins of Carthage, just outside of Tunis, cover multiple sites and provide visitors with a fascinating glimpse into both the Punic and Roman eras. Bardo Museum is a jewel of Tunisian heritage, it is housed in an old Beylic palace dating back to the XIXth Century. Sidi Bou Said is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tunisia. The charming, bright town is known for its white and blue buildings that altogether create a fairytale-like vibe. ON Sidi Bou Said (Bf included)

Day 4 Dougga & Kairouan. The archaeological site of Dougga is situated in North Africa's most fertile valley. The impressive ruins which are
visible today give an idea of the resources of a romanised numidian town. Kairouan is the fourth holiest city in Islam and also designated as UNESCO World Heritage Centre in recognition of its numerous historical sites. The charming medina (walled city), with its winding alleys and bustling markets, is another highlight of Kairouan. Basins of Aghlabides, located outside of the old city, these huge basins supplied water for the nearby Aghlabid palace.
ON Kairouan (Bf inclluded).

Day 5 Sbeitla Tozeur. Sbeitla is an archaeological site in north-central Tunisia, represents the roman ruins of Sufetula and contains the best preserved romana forum temples in Tunisia. Tozeur is an oasis town in south west Tunisia. It is located North West of Chott el-Djerid, in between this Chott and
the smaller chott el-gharsa. The Medina of Tozeur is one of the oldest and most well-preserved in Tunisia. ON Tozeur (Bf included)

Day 6 Oasis Tour-Ong Jmel-Mos Espa. Tozeur is one the the largest and most well-known desert oasis in Tunisia. Ong Jmal, "the neck of a camel" is located near Tozeur. This place is named after a large rock that is shaped like a camel and is located near the salt lake of Chott el Gharsa. 4x4 vehicles will be arranged to reach the massive sahara desert. Mos Espa is probably Tunisia’s best-preserved Star Wars set. The site is a collection of nearly 20 domed purpose-built buildings for the Tatouine spaceport. ON Tozeur (Bf included).

Day 7 Douz - Sahara Desert Camp full board. Drive towards Douz town which is the gateway to the sahara desert. Stop for lunch at Douz town, after lunch change to four wheel drive for the journey to the desert. ON Sahara Desert Camp (includes Breakfast Lunch Dinner).

Location of Star Wars movies Northern Tunisia

Day 8 Matmata. After breakfast, leave the desert for Matmata, famous for its unusual housing structure, known as “troglodyte.” Scenes from a number of Star Wars movies were filmed here. ON Matmata (Breakfast Dinner included)

Day 9 Medinine Tataouine Chenini. Explore Ksar Ouled Sultane, then stop for lunch in Medenine. After lunch, we shall proceed our journey to Chenini, one of the most famous berber village in Tunisia. ON Chenini (Breakfast Dinner included).

Day 10 Gabes - El Jem. After breakfast, we depart to visit El Jem a well preserved Roman amphitheater, which is built entirely of stone blocks with no foundation and free standing. One of the must visit UNESCO sites in Tunisia. ON El Jem (Breakfast included).

Day 11 Sousse Hammamet. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Medina of Sousse, dates back to about 800 AD. After exploring, we will go to Hammamet, a beautiful coastal town. ON Hammamet (Breakfast Dinner includec).

Day 12 Bulla Reggla - Tabarka. Bulla Regia is unique among the numerous archaeological sites in Tunisia because its domestic architecture was
constructed below ground. Despite being partially buried, the site is worth visiting. ON Tabarka (Breakfast Dinner included).

Day 13 Tabarka City. Tabarka is a charming coastal town nestled between the sea and the mountains. It was occupied at various times by Punics, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Genoese and Ottomans. It is unquestionably one of the towns that places less emphasis on the tourist trade. This is clear from the outset with the streets retaining no commercial feel and instead relying on the traditional Tunisian features. ON Tabarka (Breakfast Dinner included).

Day 14 back to Tunis. After breakfast, check out and travel back to Tunis city. ON Tunis (Breakfast included).

Day 15 tunis City Tour. Visit the Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shop for fresh food and local goods at the local market. Experience the modern adn ancient sides of Tunis. ON Tunis (Breakfast included).

Day 16 Fly Home. After breakfast, transfer to airport for flight FRI 8 NOV 2024 departing 1045AM to Istanbul (fly time 2:55hr, transit 1:30hr). Connect to flight to KUL.

Day 17 KLIA. Lands KUL at 815AM SAT 9 NOV 2024.

Sidi Bou Said / Village of Chenini


  1. Cost cover transport, accommodation, entrances, meals and town-to-town travel as specified in the itinerary as included.
  2. Accommodations will be in budget hotels, local guesthouses and desert camp.
  3. Not covered are airfare, meals (Rm100 x 11 days = Rm1100) and other entrance fees (most of the main fees already included in price).
  4. Optional activities and in-town taxis are not covered.
  5. Cost is subject to change depending on fluctuations in exchange rates.
  6. A deposit of Rm2300 will be payable to confirm your place.

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